Tools used to build this site.

This site is built using a number of tools. Amazingly, most of the software tools are free/GPL/Open Source. I am very happy with this arrangement and can comfortably reccommend any of these products and services.

  • My hosting service is, and I am generally very happy with them. The same account hosts,, and, and I have also parked and here too.
  • The Content Management System (CMS) is WordPress 2.1. I have also used a number of add-ins:
  • The theme, which will vary depending on my mood, is identified at the bottom of the page. I will usually modify the theme with my own header photo(s).
  • ItunesSpy plugin for WordPress. This accepts information from ItunesWatcher3. ItunesWatcher3 sits in the system tray of my Vista machine and reports to my server when ever I play a song in Itunes. The ItunesSpy plugin takes that information and displays it in the side margin, along with links to the album on Amazon. Sweet.
  • Now Reading Plugin for WordPress allows me share my reading list. I just type the name of my book and the plugin gets all the info including cover from Amazon, similar to Itunesspy.
  • WP-Print, which may or may not be visible to you right now depending on the theme in use, is used on and allows a text-only print view for posts or pages. I currently only use it on the Recipes and Directions posts.
  • WordPress Widgets. This plugin makes the side column much easier to configure.
  • The Photo Album on is hosted on my own Windows XP ‘server’ in my basement, which may be upgraded to Windows Server 2003 if I get some free time. My home network is at (Santoro backwards…) I needed a separate domain name due the the fact that I use Dynamic DNS and 1&1 doesn’t support it. does a nice job of handling that DNS for free.
  • The Photo album uses Gallery2 software to generate album pages and thumbnails on-the-fly. This is an incredible piece of software.

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