The Police in Concert

So, I have been on a mission to see as many of the great 1980s bands as I can as they go on reunion tours. In the last few years I have seen:

  • U2’s ‘Vertigo’ Tour (twice, Madison Square Garden, and Continental Airlines Arena)
  • Peter Gabriel’s ‘Growing Up’ tour at the Continental Airlines Arena
  • Billy Joel at the Hartford Civic Center

I got an email a few weeks ago saying that there were tickets available for The Police at Giants Stadium, and was able to jump on the opportunity. We scored floor seats about thirty rows back from the stage.

414_policelogo.jpgOverall I enjoyed the concert. I will say that Sting didn’t really seem to be ‘really into it.’ He smiled and moved around the stage, but he was cleary not having the time of his life. I was also disappointed at how some of the songs were unceremoniously chopped up. U2 have managed to slice and dice thier tunes in an artistic and natural way, but The Police have not mastered that art.Anyway this is not meant to be a full review. This review echoes my sentiments pretty well:

I’d give the concert a solid ‘B’ grade, and for sure it was fun seeing some great old songs performed. I’m glad I went.