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I have signed up for Google Email Hosting for my immediate family members. If you know someone that recently changed to an email address, they are a family member of mine but not necessarily directly related to this site.

If you are a family member and want an address delivered via GMail, give me a call and we will set it up.

If you are not a family member but do have the same last name, keep an eye out here, I may be selling addresses for a reasonable price shortly.


We’re still here.

Life is hectic with work, college hunting, and other personal items. As soon as it slows down I intend on updating the site and Photo Gallery.  I have about a year of digital pictures to name, tag, and post to the Gallery.

Photo Gallery is back!

OK, I was finally able to fix the photo gallery. 

I have also added a lot of new digitized scans from our 1988-1999 family photos. Next chore: renaming and categorizing our photos for 2007 and 2008 to date.  We have a bunch going back to last summer.

Update on the Photo Gallery

Previously the Photo Gallery was ‘hosted’ on a PC in my basement, but that had caused some reliability issues. In February I began working on moving it to the server but ran into some difficulties. It may be a few months before I can spend a day or so working on it.

The Gallery will be back though, and when it is it will be faster and more secure.

Photo Gallery – Now you can get your own ID & Password.

I have enhanced the Photo Gallery with a user registration procedure. You can now apply for your own account on the server, rather than using the generic ‘family’ user ID. This will be good for friends and family of ours that might not know the ‘Rose’s maiden name’ password. We will approve all family and friends, however distant.

If you want to try it, go to the gallery and click ‘Register’ in the left margin of the page.

Tremblant Ski Photos Posted

We are on our yearly ski trip to Canada, and this year we are skiing Mont-Tremblant instead of Gray Rocks. I managed to ..erm.. borrow a Wifi connection at our condo unit and have posted pictures of the trip.


After our first day on the slopes, Ben slipped on ice and knocked himself out cold for a half-minute or so. He was fine after he came to, but after a call to the doctor (the local clinic was closed) Ben was done skiing for the week due to his minor concussion. Poor kid. We debated going home early but decided against it. At the end of the week, he seems to be having fun anyway. Ben still loves dining out and looking at the ski shops. Plus I had my laptop with me so he could keep up with his favorite online videogame while we skied.

Leslie tried cross-country skiing and absolutely loved it. I fear I shall never see her on downhill skis again. Merde. 🙂

Even More Photos added to the Gallery.

I’ve been on a roll.  I scanned and posted selected photos from 1986-1988 (mom’s photos)  and 1989-1992 (ours).  It’s very time consuming, I spent most of this cold weekend working on it. 

Leslie was also at her computer a large part of today scanning slides from her youth… she wants to post those all at once so it may be a while before you see them.  (We have a slide and negative scanner.  This thing’s pretty neat, and it’s not too expensive on eBay.  Look for a ‘PrimeFilm 1800u.’)