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I maintain a network of websites for family, friends, and neighbors. This network was recently updated and modernized. Here is a brief summary of the technologies and services used.

All websites are hosted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud via their Lightsail offering. This is a very inexpensive service that is appropriate only for experienced technical users. I installed the latest Ubuntu Linux distro, along with Apache Web Server, PHP, and MySQL Database Server. All sites are protected with LetsEncrypt SSL Certificates for security of visitors. Certbot is the Linux tool that creates and renews the certs.

The sites themselves are hosted in WordPress Multisite. We have been using WordPress for at least 10 years with great success.

I also am in the process of moving my domain hosting from IONOS 1and1.com to NameCheap.com. 1and1 was fine for basic use but proved too expensive for more complicated use cases that required wildcard DNS capability and adding SSL Certificates.

All in all I estimate we are saving about $300 annually in web hosting charges, and so far the AWS instances are performing better than the old 1&1 service.

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